About Us

VIMS-elektrik is a firm that produces electro-technical equipment of a wide range of application. The fields of application are medicine, jewelry and engineering. The manufacturing programme is very wide. Some of the programmes are destillers for water, sterilizers, torrefying ovens, presses, polishing machines, founderies.
The best proof of quality is the fact that the products have been on the market since 1993, as well as numerous users all over the state and abroad. VIMS-elektrik is situated in Tršić, not far away from Loznica and 150km away from Belgrade.Our building has 400 square meters of business and manfacturing space. The owner and the founder is an engineer Milojko Dragićević with his many years experience and the quality of products which prooves the golden medal and the diplomma for quality and design. The quality of products is a result of our permanent employees as well as of our outer assistants in this field. The manufacture is completely equipped with all needed machines and appliences with minimal use of our cooperators' services.
Our products can be found in consulting rooms, institutes, faculties, laboratories and workshops all over Serbia, Monte Negro, Republic of Srpska, BiH, Macedonia, Croatia, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania. If you visit us, our conversation will not be followed only by catalogues and theoretical presentations, but by concrete products that you can see and try. For all information, prospects or any questions from the range that we deal with, you can visit us or contact us by e-mail or telephone.
Vims Elektrik