Hot air sterilizers
Hot air sterilizer is designed for sterilization of leverages, vitreous vessels, powdery materials suspensions etc., as well as for airing materials. Sterilizer is produced with natural circulation of air.

On customer's request, we produce it with a built in ventilator that provides for uniform temperature in the working space. It is designed to operate at temperatures from 50 to 200°C.

Sterilizer is equipped with electronic thermal regulator (with digital reading of the set temperature and current temperature), digital timer (programming the time of the sterilizer's work).
TYPE Lit POWER working
SSW 120 120 1800 W width 650
height 450
depth 400
width 800
height 700
depth 570
SSW 150 150 2100 W width 720
height 520
depth 400
width 870
height 770
depth 570
SSW 175 175 2300 W width 770
height 550
depth 420
width 850
height 800
depth 620